Best Mobile Banks of 2022

Europe's Top Digital Banks, Ranked

We went through the hassle and tried out every one of Europe's most popular neobanks ourselves. They all had their pros and cons, but a few of them stood out and made it into this list. Who are the lucky winners named Europe's best digital banks? Find out managed to make it in the list in our annual award distribution article below!

How did we compare them?

Logos of multiple EU banks

When rating these banks, we assessed the differences in pricing, app design, availability in multiple markets and quality of customer support as well as relative ease of opening an account. History of past incidents, security flaws and the complexity of security and AML measures in place also significantly impacted the final rankings. All in all, we went ahead, installed them, ordered the cards and used the apps so you will not have to!

Warning! This list is based on our personal experience and as such, might be biased. However, FintechCompass did not get any monetary incentive or rewards from any of the banks mentioned, so the opinions posted are truthful and the article below had a single simple intent - making people's lives easier by offering additional info that would assist them in making an informed decision. To get an overview based purely on factual comparison, make sure to check out the bank account comparison table to draw conclusions and pick the winners yourself.

Which is why, we start this review by picking winners in separate standalone categories. Without further ado, let's go!

Category Winners

Personal financial assistant award

British superstar neobank Monese is arguably the easiest option in terms of money management. Their range of features is really impressive: from salary advances and special "subaccounts" for recurring bills, to easy savings, automatic payment sorting, along with up to 1.15% interest rate on your savings. All in all, it's a real pleasure to use if you put a high value on being in total control of your finances! Besides, the cards are quite pretty...

Ethical banking award

Dutch bunq offers their users a unique ability to plant a real tree with every €100 spent, allowing people to offset their CO2 levels "on the go", without even thinking about it. Combined with an ability to choose where your money gets invested (you can choose to only allow the bank to use your money to invest in "Green" businesses), this privately funded Dutch bank could rightfully be called 2022's Greenest and Most Ethical Bank.

The Absolute Winner

It was extremely hard to pick a definite winner, as all the other contestants put up a tough fight. There could be arguments for all of them and everyone has a different opinion, and we tried to be as impartial and unbiased as possible when choosing the best financial institution.

Best mobile bank of 2022

Revolut, Europe's biggest challenger bank, offers its users a wide range of features any investor would find attractive. Fee-free currency exchange, stock and commodity trading in-app, support for 5 crypto coins and multi-currency accounts as well as free international transfers should make anyone who's into investing really excited.

.. but 2022 is still underway, so we might see promising new entrants in this rating!
Stay tuned for more updates.

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