Revolut customers in UK now have full access to EUR Vaults

27th December, 2022

Revolut is United Kingdom's biggest neobank.

Revolut, the digital banking and financial services platform, has announced that its UK customers now have complete access to Vaults in Euro currency.

Previously, Revolut users in the UK could only access Vaults, or sub-accounts, in GBP. This new development allows customers to save and manage their money in a different currency, providing greater flexibility and convenience.

Revolut's Vaults are designed to help users save and budget their money more effectively. Customers can set aside funds for specific goals, such as a holiday or a new car, and track their progress through the Revolut app. The addition of Euro currency Vaults will make it even easier for UK customers to save and manage their money, especially for those who frequently travel to or do business with countries that use the Euro.

In addition to the new Euro currency Vaults, Revolut also offers Vaults in a range of other currencies, including USD, AUD, and NZD. Customers can switch between currencies easily, making it simple to manage their finances when traveling or making international payments.

Revolut's expansion of its Vault offerings is just one of many updates the company has made in recent years to improve the experience of its customers. From its popular prepaid debit card to its foreign exchange and money transfer services, Revolut continues to innovate and provide a comprehensive range of financial solutions.

Revolut's CEO, Nikolay Storonsky, said in a statement: "We're constantly working to improve and expand our services, and the addition of Euro currency Vaults is a key part of that. We're excited to offer our UK customers even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to saving and managing their money."

UK customers can now access Euro currency Vaults through the Revolut app. This also applies to Revolut's "Joint Vault", the bank's shared accounts alternative.

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