Review: Revolut for Business Banking (2023)

Learn more about Revolut's features and pricing in our comprehensive review

March 27, 2023

General Information

Revolut is a fintech unicorn and one of the world's biggest mobile-first digital banks based in London, UK. Founded in 2015 by Nik Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko, Revolut started out focusing on low to no fee exchanges and had been widely adopted by international travellers, Revolut has now evolved to provide services through its โ€œglobal financial superappโ€ for both everyday needs as well as for growing users' wealth via stocks and cryptocurrencies. The fintech reached over 15 million users and is operating in over 35 countries, providing users with access to more than 30 currencies from all over the world.

Revolut logo

Revolut: Quick Facts

Year Founded2015
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Business Banking Free plan available
Personal Banking Free plan available
Sign-up BonusSave 20% paying annually
Employee AccessNot available

Servicing over 500,000 businesses globally and millions of users enjoying Revolut's bank accounts for individuals, the UK-based neobank is truly #1 digital bank in sheer scale in Europe. However, building a reliable, convenient and powerful bank for businesses all over the EU has been a challenge. Beyond the abundance of various payment methods people use in different countries (for example, Bizum in Spain, iDeal in Netherlands or Bancontact in Belgium), combined with inconsistencies in primary bank cards used in that area, as well as regulatory issues with banking licenses these banks would face... Difficulties aside, in this Revolut business banking review, you will find out if the neobank is successful at delivering a great experience and making running a business easier. Interested? Continue reading below!

Countries supported by Revolut

Revolut is available for business banking to companies registered in the following countries:


























































the UK



Revolut's stylish cards are bound to catch eyes

Revolut: Business Bank Accounts Available

With an impressive selection of available subscriptions, Revolut has a lot to offer to businesses all over the world. Whether you are a freelancer looking to structure your cash flow management or a full-blown enterprise employing hundreds of people, Revolut has a plan that would suit your needs. Below, you will find a Revolut plan comparison table that will make it easier to decide what bank account your business actually needs.

Review: Revolut for personal banking

Considering a personal bank account at Revolut? Explore plans offered for individuals and all the applicable fees and get to know all the features available at Revolut in our concise, yet detailed review.


No monthly cost

Free is the entry choice from the Business plans offered by Revolut. It comes with a solid bundle of business features and it is a plan that generally suffice all banking needs especially for freelancers and other business that are just starting out. Free business accounts are not common, let along one that includes local bank accounts in EUR and GBR, subscription management, bookkeeping software integration and more.


โ‚ฌ 25.00 per month

Grow is the entry-tier Business plan from Revolut. Notable upgrades to your experience are free metal card, allowances for (international) payments, FX exchange as well as more advanced features such as bulk payments and business API. Another addition that could come in handy is the priority 24/7 support. This plan suits growing business that start to have somewhat more sophisticated business banking needs.

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โ‚ฌ 100.00 per month

Scale is the advanced tier plan Revolut offers for Business, only below the Enterprise plan which is fully customized. Scale is in essence the Grow plan on steroid, with quite generous expansion acrosss all the allowances. Therefore this plan would fit relatively developed small businesses that are fairly transaction-intensive.

Business bank accounts offered by Revolut can also be found in our selection of "one-to-one" comparisons between the best plans currently available on the market. Please find these detailed comparisons below:

Bank accounts for business banking by Revolut vary quite significantly both in the range of features available, business types they target, and, of course, in price. Find a detailed breakdown of all Revolut plans offered to businesses in our comparison table below.

Revolut: Business Accounts Comparison Table

Revolut logo
Free Grow Scale
Price, monthly โ‚ฌ 0.00 โ‚ฌ 25.00 โ‚ฌ 100.00
CommitmentCancel monthlyCancel monthly
Sign-up Bonus Save 20% paying annually
Official Website
Sub-accounts Included111
Shared Access โŒ โŒ โŒ
Employee Accounts โœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Mobile Payments
Apple Payโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Google Payโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Samsung PayโŒโŒโŒ
Other Methods Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay
Cards Available Mastercard Mastercard Visa
Cards Included 3 3 3
Debit Cardsโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Credit CardsโŒโŒโŒ
Virtual Cardsโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Extra Card - - -
Replacement Fee---
Free Replacements---
Metal CardโŒโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธ
Wooden CardsโŒโŒโŒ
Payment Methods
Various Fees
SWIFT (Receive) โ‚ฌ 3.00 โ‚ฌ 3.00 โ‚ฌ 3.00
Foreign Exchange Fee 0.40% 0.40% 0.40%
Currency Limit, fee-free - up to โ‚ฌ 10000 per month up to โ‚ฌ 50000 per month
ATM Withdrawals
Daily Limit โ‚ฌ 3,000 โ‚ฌ 3,000 โ‚ฌ 3,000
Free Withdrawals, p/m - - -
After, p/withdrawal 2.0%
Withdrawal Fee Abroad
Interest Rate
Current Accounts 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Savings Accounts 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Transaction & Deposit Limits
Deposit Limit---
Deposit Protection Up to ยฃ85'000
Monthly Spend Limit---
Other Financial Products
Overdraft โŒ โŒ โŒ
Stocks & ETFs โŒ โŒ โŒ
Cryptocurrencies โŒ โŒ โŒ
Cheques โŒ โŒ โŒ
Cashback โŒ โŒ โŒ
Insurance โŒ โŒ โŒ
Lounges โŒ โŒ โŒ
Expense Categorization โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Purchase Protection โŒ โŒ โŒ
Round-up Savings โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Cash Flow Control โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Deals & Discounts โŒ โœ”๏ธ โœ”๏ธ
Other Benefits Business Marketplace Business API High free allowance
Learn More
Go to
Revolut also has a powerful desktop app

Revolut: Pros & Cons


  • Plus sign
    Truly Worldwide: You can receive, hold and exchange money in 30+ currencies without hidden fees
  • Plus sign
    Automation: Bulk payments, recurring and scheduled transactions, and an impressive Open API
  • Plus sign
    Employee Access: Set permissions, control spend and give access to employees
  • Plus sign
    Accounting Made Easy: Out-of-the-box integrations with popular bookkeeping tools like Xero and Quickbooks
  • Plus sign
    Get Paid: Smart Invoicing makes getting paid hassle-free


  • Minus sign
    No Credit: Loans and/or overdraft are not yet supported for businesses
  • Minus sign
    No Support Phone Line: However, you are getting a 24/7 priority support with Grow+ plans
  • Minus sign
    Risk Limitations: Companies dealing in gambling, crypto or medical marijuana can not become customers of Revolut
  • Minus sign
    Cost: Quite a few features are only available to users on paid subscriptions
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Revolut: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revolut offer real bank accounts suitable for operating a business?

Absolutely - firstly, the funds in Revolut accounts safeguarded by licensed banks with all applicable laws and regulations in place. Secondly, Revolut has impressive anti-fraud systems in place and all of the bank cards are using 3D Secure technology by Mastercard. Finally, all the accesses and permissions given to other users can be revoked with a single tap in the app or click on the web app. Summarizing, you can be sure your company's funds are well-protected at Revolut.

What industries are not supported by Revolut?

Businesses that operate in the following fields are not eligible to become Revolut Business customers: adult entertainment, Arms manufacturing, Gambling, Fine arts dealers, Cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers, NPOs, Venture capital firms, Pawnbrokers, Trust funds, Pension schemes and a few more. Make sure to check Revolut's website to get a full list.

What types of businesses can open a Revolut business account?

Revolut Business is available for the legal entity types in this list: Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Partnerships and sole proprietorships of any kind (yes, freelancers also welcome!). Companies in the public sector, charities, trusts and foundations are not able to open Revolut accounts at this time.

What information do I need to provide Revolut for onboarding my company?

Revolut requires the following information: confirmation of operating address of the company, nature of business description, identity verification (is done via the app), basic details on your company's legal entity, details on shareholders and directors of the company (these people would also need to verify themselves, although it is possible to do that on their behalf) and power of attorney signed in case the person opening a bank account is not a director.

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Is it possible to get custom terms for my business at Revolut?

Yes, it is - when opting for "Enterprise" subscription, you have an option of negotiating specific terms and a "package" of features and quotas that provides your business with flexibility in banking without the burden of overpaying for unnecessary gimmicks you do not need.

Worldwide businesses are Revolut's main audience

Revolut: Competitors

Does the feature set of Revolut lack something you are explicitly looking for? Perhaps, you are looking for a company account in a different price range? Or do you want to find a more powerful solution for your needs? Below, we will provide you with three Revolut alternatives other users found relevant.

  • Monthly costStarting from โ‚ฌ6.99
  • CurrenciesEUR, USD, GBP + 12
  • Personal accountsโœ”๏ธ
  • Sign-up bonus30 days free trial
  • Official
  • Monthly costStarting from โ‚ฌ9.00
  • CurrenciesEUR
  • Personal accountsโŒ
  • Sign-up bonus30 days free trial
  • Official
  • Free plan availableโœ”๏ธ
  • CurrenciesGBP
  • Personal accountsโŒ
  • Customer supportPhone, chat, email
  • Official
Browser version of this bank is great

Summary: Is Revolut a good choice for my business?

Revolut is still a fantastic choice for day-to-day banking for most companies. A wide range of features, an impressive selection of plans and additional "add-ons" to choose from, hundreds of thousands of businesses using it all over the world and an extensive partner network - all of these converge in a great product for both personal and business banking. Revolut can satisfy both a person not interested in any of the stock trading, cryptocurrencies nor spending in 30+ currencies, as well as be a great choice for someone worshipping healthy personal finance practices. Being one of the biggest neobanks, Revolut boasts an astonishing (yet somewhat questionable) figure of 18+ million active users and it does not seem like the bank is past the rapid growth stage yet.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that Revolut has an entry-level plan that has no monthly subscription cost, so there is absolutely no downside in trying out the bank yourself to get some "hands-on" experience with it before deciding on the bank's fate in your company. Feel free to use the links provided in this article to trial Revolut and make the decision yourself!

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