Tomorrow Bank: Review (2023)

Learn more about Tomorrow's features and pricing in our comprehensive review

January 31, 2023

General Information

Tomorrow is one of the latest mobile-first financial services app with a focus on sustainability and ethical investment practices. Based in Germany since its launch in 2018, the financial powerhouse app offers German bank accounts and services that enables customers to effortlessly contribute to projects aiming to tackle climate change, offset the user's CO2 emissions and more. Tomorrow's partnership with Solarisbank enables the neobank to dedicate more resources towards creating an impressive mobile banking experience, while still enjoying all the benefits of being a secure, fully-licensed and regulated financial institution.

Tomorrow logo

Tomorrow: Quick Facts

Active Since 2018
Headquarters Hamburg, DE
Total Users 90'000+
Personal Banking From €3.00 p/m
Business Banking
Sign-up Bonus -
Shared Accounts Available

Users get to choose from a selection of 3 plans at Tomorrow, with all of them both providing the "bread and butter" set of core banking features, while protecting 1m² of rainforests with each euro spent using the debit card. Aside from Germany, Tomorrow is also available in 18 other countries across Europe - we provide a complete list in our FAQ section below.

Tomorrow: Countries Supported

Tomorrow is available for citizens and permanent residents of the following countries:







































Tomorrow features amazingly cool wooden cards!

Plans available: Personal banking

Tomorrow One offers users three different subscriptions that greatly vary in both price and features available. At the lower end is the "Now" plan that only costs €3 per month, while the high-tier premium plan called "Zero" is priced at €15 per month, providing users with flexibility and ensuring anyone can find a plan that suits them, without feeling dissatisfied or forced to pay for products you do not intend to use. The three plans offer a different set of smart app features and varying ways you could empower your sustainability efforts. Below you will find a breakdown of all the plans available at this bank.


€ 3.00 per month

Now is the entry subscription from the sustainable banking alternative Tomorrow. Every card payment made with your Tomorrow card contributes towards rainforest protection and supports a wider range of sustainable project worldwide. On the banking front, the Now subscription gives you 1 current & a sub account for savings. You can also expect digital banking features such as payment insights, mobile pay and instant notifications.


€ 7.00 per month

Tomorrow Change is an everyday account that is both "smart" and flexible. At a reasonable price point, this subscription is a strong contender for a "hassle-free" modern bank account that will cover most of the day-to-day banking needs an average user would have. On top of this, there are a few niche features that truly make this product stand out from the competition, for instance, wooden cards and automatic CO2 offset.


€ 15.00 per month

Tomorrow's flagship subscription, Zero is a premium bank account at a fully-licensed German bank that comes with automatic CO₂ offsetting, a stylish wooden card and unlimited free ATM withdrawals all over Europe. Great mobile app and an array of environment-friendly features from the bank known for its ethical investment practices - this proposition is a real powerhouse when it comes to satisfying your banking needs.

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Find a detailed breakdown of feature sets and pricing details for various plans offered by Tomorrow in our comparison table below.

Tomorrow: Plan Comparison Table

Tomorrow logo
Now Change Zero
Price, per month € 3.00 € 7.00 € 15.00
Commitment Cancel monthly Cancel monthly Cancel monthly
Sign-up bonus
Sub-accounts included 1 5 20
Shared accounts Included for free Included for free
Child accounts ✔️ ✔️
Mobile Payments
Apple Pay ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Google Pay ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Samsung Pay
Other methods - - -
Cards available Visa Visa Visa
Cards included 1 1 2
Maestro/VPay ✔️ ✔️
Debit cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Credit cards
Virtual cards
Extra card fee - - -
Replacement fee - € 10.00 -
Free replacements - - -
Metal card
Wooden cards ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Payment Methods
SOFORT ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Various Fees
SWIFT (receive) € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00
Foreign exchange fee - - -
Currency fee-free limit - - -
ATM Withdrawals
Daily limit € 500 € 500 € 500
Free withdrawals, per month - 5 times 99 times
After that, per withdrawal € 2.00 € 2.00
Withdrawal fee abroad € 2.00
Interest Rate
Current accounts 0.0%
Savings accounts 0.0% 0.0%
Transaction & Deposit Limits
Deposit limit - - -
Deposit Protection Up to €100'000
Monthly spend limit € 10,000 € 10,000 € 10,000
Other financial products
Investments in-app
Crypto trading
Lounge access
Transaction categorization ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Purchase protection
Round-up savings ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Budgeting features ✔️ ✔️
Deals & Discounts ✔️
Other benefits Contribution to rainforest protection Carbon footprint Impact Board
Learn more
Go to
Card diversity in a sustainable fashion

Pros & Cons of Tomorrow


  • Plus sign
    Every plan is sustainable: This German fintech gives you the ability to adopt sustainable banking practices regardless of your subscription. Knowing you are making a tangible impact by simply paying with your Tomorrow card is great! Additionally, customers’ deposits are only invested in "green" and sustainable projects.
  • Plus sign
    Protection on par with "traditional" banks: Thanks to its partnership with Solarisbank, your deposits with Tomorrow (up to €100,000) is protected by the National Deposit Insurance.
  • Plus sign
    Has all the essentials: All the basics you need - such as Apple/Google Pay, joint accounts, fee-free spending abroad - all of these are possible with Tomorrow bank accounts.
  • Plus sign
    Phone support: Unlike most mobile banks, you do not just get support through the app or email. Phone support is also available at Tomorrow, making it easier to resolve a tricky situation urgently.


  • Minus sign
    No cash deposits: This is especially surprising to see from a neobank based in Germany, where cash is still very common. At the moment, it is not yet possible to deposit cash directly into your Tomorrow bank account, so you might not be able to get rid of your old bank account just yet.
  • Minus sign
    Limited options for savings: You will be slightly disappointed if you expected any advanced features or products that assist you in saving up. At this moment, users do not yet get interest on their savings accounts, however, Tomorrow stated that this functionality is coming soon.
  • Minus sign
    Deposit fees: If you hold more than €50,000 on your Tomorrow accounts, Solarisbank will charge a safekeeping fee of 0,5% p.a. on the all amounts beyond the €50,000 mark. This is not a unique fee and is something other banks charge their users for at the moment, but it can still become a significant expense in case you hold impressive amounts on your bank account.

Tomorrow: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tomorrow a real bank? Is it a trustworthy financial institution?

Tomorrow bank is a remarkably safe financial institution. Firstly, your funds are automatically protected up to the total amount of 100,000 Euros by the Federal Association of German Banks. Secondly, being Tomorrow's customer implies you are under the protection of the German consumer laws, which are notoriously pro-customer and strong on enforcing companies respecting customers' privacy. Thirdly, the neobank provides a wide array of security-enhancing features, like 3D Secure by Mastercard.

Tomorrow bank countries: what are they?

The bank is onboarding users who are legal residents (not necessary citizens - so your residence permit will suffice) of the following 19 countries: Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Cyprus.

Does Tomorrow have a free bank account?

Unfortunately, all of Tomorrow's plans have a monthly subscription fee. However, the entry-level plan, Tomorrow Now, is only €3 per month and is well-worth the investment.

Is it possible to get a Tomorrow joint account?

Yes. However, the feature is only included in Change and Zero plans. You can easily open a joint account by making just a few taps in the mobile app. Both of you need a Tomorrow account, and at least one of you needs to have a Change or Zero account (meaning, it is possible to have the other person on the cheapest subscription).

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What do I need to open a Tomorrow bank account?

Apart from the mobile app and a phone with a camera, you only need your ID card (passport is also an option) or a residence permit issued by one of the supported countries for non-citizens. The verification is done by a 3rd party called IDNow, and the whole process takes around 5 minutes to complete.

Can I have multiple bank cards at Tomorrow?

Yes. Even though you can only activate one card per personal account, if you opt for Change or Zero subscriptions, you can make use of the shared banking feature by inviting your +1 to set up a joint account - this account is not only included in the subscription price, but it also provides an additional card for each of you.

The cards look great!

Alternatives to Tomorrow

Looking for a different bank offering bank accounts that are similar to Tomorrow? Find our selection of three Tomorrow alternatives that might better suit your needs below.

  • Free plan available ✔️
  • Joint accounts
  • Business accounts ✔️
  • Sign-up bonus Save 20% paying annually
  • Official Website
  • Free plan available ✔️
  • Joint accounts ✔️
  • Business accounts ✔️
  • Sign-up bonus 30 days free trial
  • Official Website
  • Free plan available ✔️
  • Joint accounts ✔️
  • Business accounts ✔️
  • Total users 2'000'000+
  • Official Website
Banking for a better future

Summary: Is Tomorrow bank a good choice?

Tomorrow is a pretty decent choice if you value sustainability in banking, that is neatly packed in a slick mobile experience. Users will be pleasantly surprised by Tomorrow app's features, such as "pockets" for budgeting and insights. If you’re currently deliberating between Tomorrow and bunq (a Dutch Fintech bank that also prides itself on their ethical investment and sustainability-first practices), it is worth noting that all of Tomorrow’s plans have its core "green" features available, whereas only bunq’s Easy Green plan (the highest-tier subscription) features the full "green" features package. Thus, if you do not intend to invest in a top-tier subscription just to ensure your actions are not actively having a negative impact on the environment, Tomorrow’s Now or Change plans might just be the right choice for you.

If you have concerns about the safety of your funds with Tomorrow bank, rest assured: your funds are well-protected and taken care of with this German bank. The credit balance of each Tomorrow customer is actually managed by Solarisbank in Berlin. Solarisbank holds a German banking license and is thus part of the deposit guarantee fund of the Federal Association of German Banks. Thanks to that, your funds are automatically protected up to the total amount of 100,000 Euros. This protection applies per customer per bank - in this case Solarisbank. In case you have several accounts with Solarisbank, the deposit protection applies to all your accounts in total. This corresponds to the standard for all European credit institutions. In short, yes - you can trust Tomorrow bank!

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