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An easy to use and 100% free online financial services comparison website that helps you find the best solution to your needs for business or personal banking, buying and selling stocks and ETFs or investing in cryptocurrencies. Discover subtle differences, get a transparent fees overview, compare multiple options and make the choice yourself. No ads, no paid promotional content and no personal bias - your choice will be based on nothing but facts.

An easy to use online financial services comparison website that helps you find the best solution to your needs for business or personal banking, buying and selling stocks and ETFs or trading cryptocurrencies. In-depth reviews, comparisons and useful information without ads, absolutely free.

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It does not matter if you're a business owner looking to get a firmer grasp on operational expenses or a student looking for the most convenient offering on the market, we're always happy to assist you in making the right choice. Check out our current account comparison table and make sure to read our in-depth mobile bank reviews. Looking for the best bank account option for freelancers? Can't decide which bank to choose? Make sure visit our Guides selection - there's bound to be an article that'd help you out. We're always there to help you make the right choice and we hope you'll find it easy - just like it was for thousands of other people before you.

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Fintech Compass does not participate in paid content publishing, promoting one entity over the other or misleading our users in any way. From the beginning, our goal was to make a 100% reliable website that would help people choose the best option suited for their needs, and we never betray our mission.
We are not profit-driven
We do not have ads on our website and neither are we open to hosting biased sponsored content. The website's development is not driven by profit motives, but rather an ambitious goal of raising the global financial education levels and stimulating fair and transparent competition in the financial services industry, for the benefit of end consumers. We want to make fintech companies innovate again and battle for customer's attention.
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We care about your right to privacy and handling your personal data in the most secure way possible - check out our privacy policy for more details about cookies and GDPR compliance. We never collect your data, except for anonymized browsing data on an aggregated level.
We love your feedback
Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also always open to partnerships - provided their goal is to bring value to our users and in no way compromise the integrity of information available on this website, of course.

Fintech Compass helped me save almost €55 last year... by switching to a better bank!

Roberto (33, France)

I told all my friends about it! Love it that someone actually took the time to create something like this.

Megan (31, Germany)

I've always hated ING, so I was ecstatic when I found a much better (and cheaper!) alternative!

Jeroen (30, Belgium)

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