Freelancer Banking: Best of 2022

Comparing the best bank accounts for digital entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 24th, '22

Recent trends suggest that as a freelancer, you most likely feel somewhat underbanked. Choosing a bank account feels like going for "the lesser evil" due to inadequate service provided, and it definitely poses challenges - naturally, banks are way more interested in larger scale enterprises as the hassle of dealing with an individual entity incurring a lot of overhead is not exactly a lucrative option. However, digital-only mobile-first banks are usually much more efficient in their operations: for example, providing customer support via an in-app chat is just that much cheaper than maintaining a dedicated phone line, while slimming down your product portfolio to exclude more complex product helps the company stay focused on their core offering. As such, they have learned to service so-called "digital nomads", frequently offering specific products exactly for this market segment.

We previously selected our best banks for personal banking of 2022. Today, we will dive deeper into the specific requirements freelancers and self-employed workers have, then review all the available options to select the best ones.

Best bank accounts for freelancers and entrepreneurs reviewed

Freelancers' Specific Banking Needs

  1. Accepting multiple payment methods

    Your customers may be paying you in a lot of different ways, with some of them also having a strong preference for the payment method because of the costs they'd otherwise incur. This can easily translate to losses on your end!

  2. Receiving funds in multiple currencies

    Similarly, being able to provide your services for Australian Dollars as well as for Polish Zloty might win you a contract you'd otherwise never get!

  3. Easy-to-grasp cash flow overview

    This is especially important if you frequently find yourself with multiple income streams on varying schedules. Being able to have a one-stop-shop for all your finances is invaluable for people who are self-employed.

  4. Personal bank account right next to the business one

    An ability to manage your personal finances right next to, but both legally and UI-wise separately, is extremely convenient. This is especially true in case you frequently claim parts of personal costs as business expenses.

  5. Automation opportunities

    It might be possible either natively through the bank's app, or by using tools like Zapier, or even using the bank's Open API to write a script yourself - needless to say, automating recurring payments or setting aside VAT on sales is an invaluable time-saver.

  6. Bookkeeping software integration

    Accounting software can save you a lot of trouble when dealing with the tax services, and connecting something like Xero to your bank account can save you even more time on boring money admin tasks.

Digital banking is the way to go for a modern day entrepreneur

Top Digital Banks for Freelancers: Rating


Who said business banking can not be exciting? The latest Dutch fintech unicorn, innovative mobile-first bank bunq is known for taking a stand on sustainable and ethical investment practices by allowing users to choose how their funds get invested, as well as planting over 7 million trees as part of their "Become CO2-neutral in 2 years!" initiative. This innovative neobank provides tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a powerful open API that lets you automate most of the routine day-to-day operations, while features like Invoice Scanning, Batch Payments and Auto-VAT can save you an astonishing amount of time. With sleek iOS and Android apps and a brand-new desktop app, bunq is a strong contender for your attention. bunq is available all over Europe for both individuals and businesses in 7 different languages.

  • Plus sign
    Automatic payment categorization and spending insights
  • Plus sign
    Open API and powerful integrations out-of-the-box
  • Plus sign
    Personalized links for easy payment collection, for free
  • Plus sign
    Spend in foreign currency at a low cost, hold multiple currencies
  • Plus sign
    Three physical & 25 virtual cards included for no extra costs
  • Minus sign
    New app features launch so fast, they frequently lack polish
  • Minus sign
    No cheque deposit options nor overdraft available
  • Minus sign
    Limited daily ATM withdrawal allowance


Easily manage your finances and get paid for your work with Revolut for Business app. Revolut allows you to set up an account in less than 10 minutes, track your cash flow, and get paid in multiple currencies. You can also use the app to manage your invoices and track your payments. The world's biggest neobank has feature-packed apps that are available all over Europe, as well as in the UK, US and Canada.

  • Plus sign
    Hold, exchange, and transfer money in multiple currencies without any fees
  • Plus sign
    The app is user-friendly and makes managing your finances simple and easy
  • Plus sign
    Set up direct debits and standing orders, as well as access a variety of financial products and services
  • Minus sign
    Some of the features are only available to users on an expensive subscription
  • Minus sign
    Your bank accounts would have an IBAN from Lithuania


An incredibly popular digital bank Qonto from France offers a wide range of plans, ranging from a sole proprietorship-focused "Solo" all the way to a respectable "Corporate" tier that is capable of fulfilling all of the banking needs your company might have. The plans vary greatly in both price and the features available, so you can easily expect to find a plan that perfectly suits your company's current (as well as future) banking needs. Additionally, Qonto is the perfect "middle ground" between traditional and mobile banking, so you get to enjoy all the benefits of mobile-first banking while simultaneously enjoying the privilege of having a dedicated account manager you can call any time.

  • Plus sign
    Free 30 days trial on a "no strings attached" basis
  • Plus sign
    An impressive set of features to have full control your business expenses
  • Plus sign
    Easy to switch - first-ever bank mobility service for companies of any scale
  • Plus sign
    Dozens of "out-of-the-box" integrations readily available
  • Plus sign
    An ability to contact your personal account manager
  • Minus sign
    Technically, Qonto is not a bank, rather a payment institution supervised by the Banque de France
  • Minus sign
    Costly - no doubt Qonto has a serious proposition, but it comes with a price
Being a digital nomad can sometimes bring unexpected challenges

Mobile Banking: Good choice for a self-employed worker?

As a freelancer, your time is valuable – it literally is equal to money most of the time! Which is why we suggest freelancers treat their bank account choice as an investment. Shaving off even an hour a month previously spent on calling your traditional brick-and-mortar bank or sorting through paper mail these "legacy" banks send you is absolutely worth an additional €10 spent on a better bank.

The risks are also not really there - these entities, despite being digital-first and, mostly, very young (compared to, for example, Barclays and their 130+ years of history) are subjects to just as much (if not more!) regulatory scrutiny as their "physical" counterparts. Audits, constant reporting to authorities, very strict reviews of processes and policies, as well as their financial health - you can definitely rest easy knowing that your money is deposited at a digital bank.

This, combined with almost non-existent switching costs (you can get a bank account in some digital banks like bunq in just 5 minutes!), creates a perfect opportunity for you to get hands-on right now! So what are you waiting for?

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