Best-in-Class Investment Platforms of 2023 (Updated in 2024)

Our rating of the best savings and investment apps

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Published: 25.10.22  

Updated: 08.03.24

Published: 25.10.22

Updated: 08.03.24

The rise of savings and investments apps is still going strong in 2024 as people are forced to find ways to become more efficient with their savings if they hope to withstand the inflation. There definitely is no shortage of various apps, platforms and brokers available nowadays. These offer a variety of products, ranging from extremely straightforward "deposit and forget" fixed-rate long-term accounts anyone can understand, to feature-packed trading platforms with thousands of assets available, aimed at the financially-savvy. With such a variety of options, it is important to choose the one that suits your unique needs and circumstances.

We previously released an article on sustainability in banking and ethical investment practices highlighting the importance of these aspects. Today, we compare the best investment apps, presenting you with a selection of products competing for our "Best Investment Platforms" award. Each of these apps offers different features, so it is important to read reviews and compare various ways to invest before deciding which one to use.

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⚠️ Warning! Investment is never without risk. You may lose your investment due to market risks involved.  ⚠️

Setting aside a portion of your income is key to financial health

Key Factors: How did we rank these products?

When assessing an incredibly wide range of brokers, exchanges and apps, our experts created a scorecard-based system to drastically reduce the impact of any bias there could be. Without fully disclosing the methodology, these are the key factors contributing the most to the overall score each challenger received:

  1. 1

    Security & Users' Data Privacy

    The key factor in our assessment is the trustworthiness of the financial institution behind the platform and its compliance with all relevant regulations and policies. As a customer, it is absolutely vital that your personal information is kept private and your funds are secure at all times.

  2. 2

    Trading Fees & Other Costs

    This point is self-explanatory - you do not want to have high trading fees cutting into your margins and you need to make sure your trades are as efficient as possible.

  3. 3

    Assets Available for Trading

    In order to always have enough options at your disposal, it is important that the platform of choice supports a wide range of financial instruments and asset types. It also makes diversifying your investment portfolio easier, allowing you to decrease its volatility.

  4. 4

    Customer Support

    When it comes to businesses handling your savings, you must be confident in your ability to quickly and reliably reach the company's customer support representatives. Our experts studied an impressive amount of online reviews and user feedback to gauge how swift each platform is at resolving customers' issues.

  5. 5

    User-friendliness & Convenience

    Whether you prefer to handle your portfolio on a big screen using your laptop or desktop PC, or prefer a mobile-first experience on your Android or iOS device, it has to be convenient. Well-polished apps and powerful web versions are an absolute "must-have" nowadays.

  6. 6

    Additional Factors

    Needless to say, for our specific awards, additional criteria came into play. Products aimed at beginners were judged by the quality (and quantity!) of their educational materials and the overall ease of use. In a similar fashion, pro trading apps were assessed based on the amount of features they offer. And obviously, we only selected investment apps that preach sustainability in investments and value ethics above profits.

Having a reliable investment partner is important for multiplying your wealth

Best Investment Platforms of 2022 - Winners

Comparing various options is not straightforward - some are more geared towards beginner retail investors, others service more advanced users. Naturally, these segments have different needs and you would not be able to find a "one-size-fits-all" solution that is perfect for everybody. As such, just like we did when choosing the best online banks, we will be selecting winners in multiple categories - it is then up to you to decide what your personal needs and ambitions are.

Best Stock Broker: DEGIRO

Low trading feesInternationalGreat choice of securitiesInternational awardsRegulated and compliantStocks & ETFs
  • Convenience & User-friendlinessStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Customer SupportStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar emptyStar empty
  • Features AvailableStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar emptyStar empty
  • Trading FeesStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Asset SelectionStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-full
  • Overall RatingStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty

One of Europe's leading brokers, DEGIRO quickly became traders' favourite thanks to a wide selection of exchanges from all over the world and incredibly low trading fees. DEGIRO provides users with a very transparent fee structure, powerful desktop platform and reliable mobile apps. Critically acclaimed for its security and an impressive choice of assets from over 30 countries, DEGIRO is our platform of choice when it comes to trading stocks and derivatives.

  • Plus sign
    Low trading fees and crystal-clear pricing structure
  • Plus sign
    Variety of assets of different types: shares, ETFs, bonds, options and futures
  • Plus sign
    Great user interface - packed with features, but not overwhelming
  • Plus sign
    Great customer service: quick response time online and via phone
  • Minus sign
    Lack of educational resources - you will have to find them elsewhere
  • Minus sign
    DEGIRO does not feature cryptocurrencies on the platform
Investment risks should not be underestimated

Beginner's Choice: Trade Republic

Easy to useOver 9000 assetsRegulated institutionSavings plansDerivatives availableBank CardStocks & ETFsCryptocurrenciesTimed exclusive

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  • Convenience & User-friendlinessStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-full
  • Customer SupportStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar emptyStar empty
  • Features AvailableStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar emptyStar empty
  • Trading FeesStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar emptyStar emptyStar empty
  • Asset SelectionStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-full
  • Overall RatingStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty

One of the largest "neobrokers" in Europe, Trade Republic is an up-and-coming investment platform from Germany. Thanks to Trade Republic's partnership with Solarisbank, customers enjoy a very high level of security and all users' deposits (up to €100'000 per person) are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Trade Republic offers a lot of features designed to deliver a smooth beginning of your investment journey - for instance, fractional stocks (meaning you do not need to commit to purchasing a whole share that might costs hundreds of euros, and can instead start with just €10) and savings plans (automate investing a portion of your income). All of these features come bundled in an attractive package and with surprisingly low fees - perfect for an absolute beginner!

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  • Plus sign
    Convenient and very straightforward mobile apps with great UI
  • Plus sign
    Very reasonable comissions: a significant portion of assets is available without any fees
  • Plus sign
    Free deposits and withdrawals using a variety of payment methods
  • Plus sign
    Opening an account takes just 5 minutes and involves no paperwork
  • Minus sign
    Not suited for pro traders, yet it is more than enough to cover beginner's needs
  • Minus sign
    New assets are added every month, but the selection is not yet too broad

Multiply Your Wealth

Doesn't matter if you're just saving up for that summer vacation or if you're planning your retirement, the best time to start investing is now. Explore our curated list of the best investment platforms and apps available today at Fintech Compass. Make your money work so you don't have to.

Nurture your financial health.

Best Crypto Exchange: eToro

Demo accountCrypto stakingCopyTraderPayPal supportLow feesStocks & ETFsCryptocurrencies
  • Convenience & User-friendlinessStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Customer SupportStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Features AvailableStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar emptyStar empty
  • Trading FeesStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar empty
  • Asset SelectionStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Overall RatingStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty

Cryptocurrencies are all about the community. And when it comes to community and social aspects of trading, there is no match for eToro. For beginners, there are both paid and free courses available, along with an ability to automatically copy trades executed by pro traders. For intermediate investors, crypto staking and 0% commission stocks are available. And for the most experienced traders, eToro offers a special "professional account" and an ability to turn your knowledge and expertise into an additional revenue stream.

  • Plus sign
    Thanks to a wide range of assets available, eToro makes it easy to diversify your portfolio
  • Plus sign
    Copy trading allows even absolute beginners to start trading like seasoned veterans
  • Plus sign
    eToro Academy offers high-quality content to assist you in learning
  • Plus sign
    Professional accounts, exclusive features and community engagement for experienced traders
  • Minus sign
    Trading interface can be confusing at first and takes a bit of getting used to
  • Minus sign
    Mobile apps are full of features, yet could be more visually appealing

Honorable mentions in this category include:

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Investment tech came a long way in the last decade

Best "All-in-one" Investment Platform: Bitpanda

Desktop AppAuto-savingsCrypto CardStakingCrypto IndicesBank CardStocks & ETFsCryptocurrenciesPrecious MetalsTimed exclusive

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  • Convenience & User-friendlinessStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar emptyStar empty
  • Customer SupportStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Features AvailableStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty
  • Trading FeesStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar emptyStar empty
  • Asset SelectionStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-full
  • Overall RatingStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar half-fullStar empty

Bitpanda is a leading European digital asset exchange that invested heavily in expanding the product portfolio beyond crypto over the last few years. You can now trade over 3000 assets, including fractional stocks (shares), ETFs, crypto indices, precious metals and commodities and crypto staking making Bitpanda's offering one of the most diverse ones on the market.

Bitpanda's trading platform and the mobile apps are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It offers a variety of features that make buying, selling and storing digital assets easy and convenient. These features include instant purchases, live price charts, a built-in wallet, and customer support in multiple languages.

  • Plus sign
    Great for savings: you can set up savings plans to automate investing a portion of your income
  • Plus sign
    Frequent additions of new assets and features consistently improve the user experience
  • Plus sign
    Crypto ETFs are a great way to get into cryptocurrencies without going "too deep"
  • Plus sign
    Stylish Bitpanda card allows you to pay in stores and online using Bitcoin (or any other asset!)
  • Plus sign
    Vibrant community and active discussions with Bitpanda representatives on social media
  • Minus sign
    High fees, unless you execute your trades on the Bitpanda Pro platform
  • Minus sign
    Mobile apps lack the polished experience some competitors provide

How To Choose an Investment Platform

An overwhelming amount of options available for people looking to start their investment journey frequently makes beginner investors scratch their head in confusion. And while there is no universally correct answer to "What investment app to choose?", there definitely are general guidelines that apply to everyone. Following these simple steps below will set you up for success, no matter what option you end up selecting.

  1. Define your investment goals

    Do you want to start a retirement fund with a diversified portfolio of low-risk low-yield assets you would contribute to every time you get paid? Or do you intend to trade frequently, looking to make trading an additional income source? Either way, your investment journey must have a goal!

  2. Research different investment platforms

    Once you have a set of requirements, you should invest some time into discovering what your options are. Consider visiting our selection of investment platform reviews to get a good overview of what is currently available on the market.

  3. Consider the fees and charges associated with each platform

    This is fairly straightforward, but still important - the difference in fees would probably be insignificant if your intention is to do just a few trades a month, but these commissions tend to add up if you get carried away!

  4. Compare the features and benefits of each platform

    Think of the following features: fractional stocks (because you might just want to buy €25 of Tesla instead of spending hundreds on a whole share), savings plans, copy trading, price alerts, stop-loss or crypto staking. You might find something you did not even know you wanted!

  5. Make your choice and start small!

    Ultimately, there really is no better way to gain experience than simply diving in! Consider registering accounts on different exchanges. Try them out yourself - and if you end up dissatisfied, nothing is stopping you from withdrawing your funds and closing the account.

Summary & Additional Information

Investing can definitely seem like a terrifying ordeal at first. However, an abundance of educational materials available online and a wide selection of various apps and websites that make taking the first steps on your investment journey easier make it significantly easier. Regardless of the state of the markets, the best time to learn how to make your money work for you is now! This way, you will be prepared for the next bull run and not suffer from FOMO ("fear of missing out", a common term among traders) because of not being able to capitalize on favorable market conditions.

Lastly, if you intend to get serious about investing, you definitely need a suitable bank to support your ambitions. As further reading, we suggest reviewing our selection of the best digital banks for investments and reading many other helpful articles and ratings available on our website.

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