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Our selection of the most innovative app features of digital banks

Updated: Nov 24th, '22

Mobile Banking Apps Today

While banks were initially hesitant to develop their own apps, they are now realizing the potential of mobile banking. Mobile banking apps offer a range of features that can be extremely useful to users: instant transfers, easy deposits, payment categorization and many others. We went into details on what makes the mobile bank great in our selection of the best mobile banks available on the market today previously, but the features we have selected today are different. They range from useful in rare scenarios to cool enough to "wow" your friends, the only thing common is that they all exist in banking apps of banks we name one of the best on the market today.

Now, without further ado: let's see which features surprised our experts enough to be named "Most Innovative and Amazing Features of Banking Mobile Apps".

Carbon Footprint Calculator - Tomorrow Bank

Apps available on both iOS and Android

Tomorrow bank's mobile app will help you calculate your carbon footprint. It takes into account your transportation, energy use, and waste production - and does so quite accurately, with calculations based on your transaction history. It even features an option of automatically offsetting your CO2 emissions - you can "go green" without even thinking about it! As we previously said in our Tomorrow bank review, this German neobank knows how to do sustainability right.

Jackpot (Wheel of Fortune) - bunq

Banking apps have a lot of great features nowadays

Ready to try your luck? You can now compete to win prizes from inside your banking app, every single day with no additional expenses! bunq mobile app allows you to spin the Wheel of Fortune and try your luck. You can win prizes like: planting a tree, getting a shiny new bunq metal bank card, cash prizes of €1 directly to your bank account and even the grand prize of €100! You get a free spin every day and an additional one for funding your bank account, as well as for using your bunq bank card. This really takes app engagement to next level.

Go Back In Time - Curve

Mobile apps are as powerful as desktop versions

All-in-one "smart wallet" Curve app has a feature that immediately makes this fintech worth your time. It’s a great tool when used wisely. In a nutshell, the Go Back in Time feature allows you to go back in time and change the bank card you used for a specific transaction. Paid for your flight tickets with the wrong card and missed out on some sweet air miles? Not any more. Charged a secret purchase to your and your partner's joint bank account? Reverse it immediately! For these who are not always on top of their game when it comes to micro-managing your finances, it definitely is a life-saver.

SmartDelay - Revolut

Mobile banking apps surprise us a lot lately

Hate it when your flights get delayed? Seems like people behind the Revolut mobile banking app can't stand it either! With SmartDelay, flight delays stop being an annoying factor in your travels - you might actually start enjoying them. Not only do you get free airport lounge access, but your friends (up to 3 of them) do as well! All you need to do is input your flight details in the app and let Revolut handle the rest. Definitely a great bonus if you travel frequently.

Freedom of Choice - bunq

Mobile apps for iOS and Android are a must-have nowadays

Once again, this feature belongs to the extremely innovative and high-tech neobank bunq. bunq prides themselves on giving users an interest rate on their current accounts - and it's "9x higher than the one offered at traditional banks", according to the Dutch fintech. This alone makes the bank a contender for being called one of the best banks for investments. But Freedom of Choice takes it one step further. This feature allows you to have flexibility in the way you do banking - you can (for example, if your religion frowns upon the concept).

Credit Builder - Monese

iOS apps generally look cleaner than the Android ones

Credit Builder by UK-based neobanking superstar Monese is a niche feature which helps improve the credit score of the customer. The biggest use case is allowing young people to start building their credit to prepare them for when they actually need good standings with the banks in order to get financing for, say, a mortgage or a loan. For just £7,49 a month, you can build a great credit score in a year, and there is an option of accelerating its growth even further by getting £600 loans and repaying these monthly. Definitely a game-changer for young adults in the UK.

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