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Updated: 15.06.24

When it comes to banking, navigating endless information found online is extremely challenging. Loud opinions, paid publications, fake reviews - the only thing you can trust are facts! This is why we've created a series of concise, yet informative guides which aim to sufficiently inform you on crucial topics, without overwhelming you with irrelevant information. Below, you'll find our hand-crafted collection of articles written in close cooperation with our resident team of fintech, banking and trading experts.

"Best of" Ratings & Rankings

Not sure what bank account suits your individual needs best, even after checking out our bank account comparison pages? No problem! Articles we provide below were created by our experts with a specific goal in mind: assisting you in making the right choice and helping you compare the best digital and mobile-first banks on the market (including finding the best bank account for your business!), no matter what your individual needs are.

Improve Your Financial Literacy

Your introduction to the world of digital finance: general information about mobile-first banking, pros and cons of going for an online-first experience and our annual "Best Digital Bank" ranker with awards for the most outstanding products of the year. For new retail investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we also offer a convenient way to get enough knowledge to start multiplying your wealth in a responsible manner.

Featured Articles

Each of us has a different set of needs when it comes to personal (and entrepreneurial!) finance. Are you based in a certain country where having a particular payment method is a "must have"? Is the ability to trade cryptocurrencies from within your banking app a deal-breaker for you? Do you perhaps prefer investing in stocks or ETFs? Or are you absolutely convinced that the bank should pay extra attention to the ethics behind their investment practices? Whatever the circumstances are, we are always here to help you make the right choice.

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We truly hope you found the information above informative and enjoyed reading these as much as we enjoyed compiling facts and quality content for you. Please tell us if you spot an opportunity to improve the materials provided on our website, so we have a chance to adjust our content accordingly, for the benefit of people like you.