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November 26, 2022

General Information

BUX is an investment brokerage platform based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom. The platform offers commission-free trading products in stocks, ETFs, as well as cryptocurrency through its BUX Zero app. CFD trading is also available through the company’s other product, Stryk by BUX. The was founded in back in 2013, specializing in CFD trading till launching the BUX Zero app ini 2019. BUX’s products are currently available in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, France and a few other markets in Europe & EEA.

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BUX: Quick Facts

Founded 2014
HQ Amsterdam, NL
Users > 500'000
Official website getbux.com
Crypto Over 30 coins
Stocks With fractional shares
Metals Not available
Card Not available

BUX is a relative new name among the brokerage alternatives that are prevalent in the market such as DEGIRO. The platform has attracted over 700,000 customers in the past years and has been gaining more recognition as it launched commission-free products along with a fresh brand makeover in 2019. It has continuously expanded outside of its home market in The Netherlands, the latest being Spain. Together with the likes of Bitpanda (Austrian "all-in-one" investment app) or Vivid (German bank that acts as an investment platform as well), BUX is certainly a strong contender in the era of fully mobile investment apps that gives access to different asset market to a broader audience. In the guide, our team of experts walk you through the crucial aspects of BUX to help with your choice. BUX is featured in our "Best Investment Apps" rating that was recently published and advice you to read next.

⚠️ Warning! Investment is never without risk. You may lose your investment due to market risks involved.  ⚠️

Asset Types & Features Available

BUX offers the most popular investment products including stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies through its distinct and easy-to-use mobile app. Below, we will walk through in more details its offering in these main categories, followed by some unique product features that might be of interest for you and help you get the most out of your investments.

Stocks and ETFs

Minimal fees

While many investment alternatives in Europe only have US shares available to trade at the moment, BUX gives you the best of both worlds, with hundred of EU and US shares accessible directly from the app. With a wide range of stocks, you also have options to execute a Zero Order (executed at the end of trading day), Market Order (executed directly) and Limit Order (executed based on a predetermined price). Zero Order for EU shares and ETFs are commission free, while incurring €1.50 per Market or Limit Order. For US shares, both Market and Limit Order are free of commission, however there’s a 0.35% FX markup to consider. Purchasing fractional shares is also available on a limited basis.


30+ coins

BUX currently offers over 30 cryptocurrencies for trading on its platform. As opposed to stocks or ETFs, crypto trading is accessible 24/7 and it is free of commission if you hold 1000 or more BUX Tokens - a native token developed by the platform. At the time of review, 1000 BUX Tokens would cost you just over €200. It could be a good deal if you expect to trade frequently cryptos.

BUX is one of the easiest platforms to learn for a beginner.

BUX: Pros & Cons


  • Plus sign
    Investment product availability: as mentioned in the section on investment products, BUX gives you access to EU and US stocks, as well as ETFs and crypto, this is not that common yet among challenger investment apps and products.
  • Plus sign
    Truly transparent and reasonable fees: the fee schedule from BUX is certainly one of the more transparent and fair that we’ve seen in the market. With zero fees for deposits & withdrawals, custody, real-time quotes, or Zero orders, you really don’t have to worry about a hefty fee appearing on your BUX account.
  • Plus sign
    Selective and useful resources: BUX seems to have a big focus on curation, it’s not just about making the highest number of assets available, but also the context and essential information that every investor should know before getting into investing.


  • Minus sign
    Not possible to withdraw to wallet: BUX currently doesn’t yet support depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from and to a wallet, which may be an issue for experienced crypto investors.
  • Minus sign
    FX markup may be an issue: BUX charges a 0.35% markup on US shares for foreign exchange. While the markup is at reasonable level, this could be potential an issue when trading large amount of US stocks.
  • Minus sign
    Not yet fully available fractional shares: you can only trade fractional shares of certain US stocks, this is an inconvenience when investing in other high-value stocks.
BUX quickly became a fan favorite all over Europe.

BUX: Unique Benefits

With the surge of amateur-friendly investment apps and platforms, having access to mainstream assets such as stocks, ETFs or crypto is nothing to brag about. So what are some of the unique benefits of BUX that you can’t get or won’t be as good somewhere else? Below we will walk through a few hand-picked features we think are quite unique or executed really well for your considerations.

Assets categorized by theme

You might think this may sound basic or not unique at all. Every platform may show you that Apple is a tech stock and you can probably tell otherwise with common sense. However, what BUX does here is different. The platforms help curate stocks and ETFs in categories that are more meaningful than the general tags of tech or retail. You can find what are Hydrogen-focused stocks, truly sustainability-minded ETFs as well as meat alternatives stocks. Sure, this is all public information you can find online somewhere, though isn’t it handy that they are right in your investment app to help you quickly diversify your portfolio?

Savings Plan

BUX has a simple and easy-to-use feature to help you make a plan and stay consistent with your investing behaviour. You simply need to pick a date, choose your portfolio of stocks and ETFs, determine the recurring amount you are comfortable with. Once setup, your savings plan truly easily start building up, based on the risk appetite reflected by the portfolio of your choosing. We think this one is a pretty simple feature that makes it easy to invest consistently without all the admin work. By the way: even the feature's name is essentially the same as Bitpanda's take on automated savings.

Financial Calendar

We’ve noticed a theme that BUX really puts efforts in to curate the information that’s easily lost for you, and here is another one. Directly from the BUX app you can see all the upcoming dividends and earnings due, saving you the hassle of googling or looking it up somewhere else. So you always are aware of these trivial yet crucial pieces of information, and are able to adjust your investments in a timely manner.

BUX is perfect for beginner investors

Frequently Asked Questions: BUX

Is BUX safe? Is it a reliable financial services provider?

BUX is authorised and regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets as well as the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, ensuring the platform meeting some of the highest security standards.

Are my assets safe at BUX?

The short answer is yes. Your funds is protected under the conditions of the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. BUX’s liabilities are also completely separated from your assets.

Is BUX beginner-friendly?

BUX has one of the more user-friendly mobile app and has built a great base of investment knowledge that are easy to digest for newbies in the investment world.

What countries is BUX available in?

Users from the following countries can register for a BUX account: United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

BUX is available on all types of devices: desktop, tablet and mobile phones

BUX Alternatives

Looking for BUX alternatives? Below you will find our selection of platforms and apps that might interest you with links to reviews. Check these out to find out which of these could be your trusty financial services advisor which would help you multiply your wealth for years to come!


  • Demo account
  • Crypto staking
  • CopyTrader
  • PayPal support
  • Low fees

eToro is a world-famous award-winning broker that offers an impressive range of assets at very competitive rates. Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Forex and a variety of crypto assets with a very fast onboarding process and a user-friendly interface.

  • HQ: Tel Aviv, IS
  • Users: 27'000'000
  • Founded in: 2007
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals:
  • Card available:


  • Desktop app
  • Auto-savings
  • Crypto card
  • Referral program
  • Crypto Indices

Trade stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and precious metals - all in one place, starting as low as €1. Use a Visa card to pay with crypto everywhere.

  • HQ: Vienna, Austria
  • Users: >3'000'000
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals: ✔️
  • Card available: ✔️


  • Cashback rewards
  • Metal crypto card
  • Multiple sub-accounts
  • Shared accounts
  • Automatic savings

Vivid is an up-and-coming financial "one-stop-shop" app: payments and transfers, an interest on your current account, 3000+ ETFs & stocks from companies all over the world along with 50+ cryptocurrencies on top of and an ability to store funds in over 40 currencies.

  • HQ: Berlin, Germany
  • Users: > 145'000
  • Founded in: 2019
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals: ✔️
  • Card available: ✔️

Experts Answer: Is BUX a good choice for a retail investor?

Based on our review, BUX is a solid option for retail investors and especially if you are a casual investor, or someone who are only just getting started. It probably feels the worst when you are overwhelmed by the jargons or an excessive amount of new information. The BUX app does a great job in keeping it to the minimum and have only the most important info available and easily accessible in its mobile application. With a comprehensive availability of investment assets, you can cover quite some grounds of assets of interest or some you’re curious to experience in your portfolio with just the BUX app. This is great as you skip the risk of oversight when spreading investments across different platforms.

BUX is available only on mobile on iOS as well as Android, especially on iOS the app received an excellent 4.5+ rating from customers. While it may not be the biggest investment platform that’s available everywhere, BUX certainly has strategic focus on making sure its platform is welcoming for beginners and casual investors, with the bonus of having a distinctively low fee structure comparing to some popular alternatives. In short, we definitely recommend to give BUX a go in you reside in one of its operating locations. At the moment BUX also rewards a free share to new customers - it could very well be a high-value share in companies like Amazon.

Think BUX has what it takes to become your investment platform of choice? Visit BUX's website and download the mobile app to get a hands-on experience with the product used by > 500'000 users all around the world. And because of no upfront fees for registration and no monthly recurring costs for using it, you can always get hands-on experience with the platform before you fully commit to it. Basically, the only thing you need to do is take a minute or two verifying your identity through a third party also used by other financial institutions like bunq or Revolut (this is due to various anti-money laundering policies and regulations enforced by relevant authorities). This process should not discourage you - in fact, it should boost your confidence in the service as it ensures the platform (and, subsequently, your funds) are fully protected, and it also is a very minor (and not at all time-consuming!) hurdle to overcome as you are making the first steps on your investment journey.

eToro is a social investment web app

⚠️ Warning! Investment is never without risk. You may lose your investment due to market risks involved.  ⚠️

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