Trade Republic: Review

Pros & Cons, Fees, Alternatives and Comparisons

November 26, 2022

General Information

Trade Republic is an investment platform making it easy for new and experienced retail investors to trade a variety of investment assets including stocks & ETFs, cryptocurrencies and derivatives. Founded back in 2015 through a startup incubator, Trade Republic is based on Germany and is available in 16 other European markets including Austria, France, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. Like many other investment platforms, such as BUX, Trade Republic maintains a simple fee schedule for using its services. It is available both through mobile apps and in your web browser.

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Trade Republic: Quick Facts

Founded 2015
HQ Munich, DE
Users > 1'000'000
Official website
Crypto Starting at €1
Stocks Over 7500 stocks
Metals Not available
Card Not available

Although it is one of the youngest investment apps on the market, Trade Republic has accumulated over 1 million customers in just a few years. That is an impressive milestone as it’s only operating in a handful of European markets until the expansion very recently. The platform also claims that about one third of its users had never invested in stocks or ETFs prior to finding their way the platform, which is a solid testimony to the beginner-friendliness of its applications. One of the most unique offerings of Trade Republic is derivatives, it’s a relatively advanced asset you can’t easily find in alternative platforms like Bitpanda. In the following sections, we will walk through some key insights to help you decide whether Trade Republic is a good option for you.

⚠️ Warning! Investment is never without risk. You may lose your investment due to market risks involved.  ⚠️

Investment Products Available with Trade Republic

You can find the most common investment products on Trade Republic. Except for stocks & ETFs, you could also have cryptocurrencies and derivatives in your portfolio. Here we’ll dive into some specifics on each of the investment products Trade Republic offers, including their availabilities, fees and related features as well.

Stocks and ETFs

Over 10'000 available!

Taking it one level above Amsterdam-based investment app BUX, Trade Republic offers a wide selection of global stocks & ETFs beyond Europe & US, giving customers easy access to stocks such as Nintendo. The standard options of buying and selling securities are available with market order (executed at the best available price), limit order (executed at or higher a predetermined price) and stop order (executed at a predetermined lower price). Trade Republic charges no commission on orders, however there’s a €1 charge to cover settlement per order, unless you make an order through the Savings Plan, which is free of charge. Interestingly, it’s also possible to placing an order by post, which comes at €25 fee per execution.


50+ coins

Trade Republic has over 50 cryptocurrencies available for trading. Similar to stock & ETF orders, crypto trades are commission-free with €1 fee on single orders to cover settlement. The cryptos you hold with Trade Republic are stored in cold wallet storage offline. It’s worth noting that cryptocurrency trading is at the moment only available in Germany, Spain and Italy out of all markets of Trade Republic.

Trade Republic has great mobile apps.


Premium partners

Thanks to Trade Republic partnering with Société Générale, CITI and HSBC, you can access countless warrants, knock-outs and factor certificates through Trade Republic on European and US companies. This is a relatively advanced investment product for general retail investor population, we recommend to go through some resources first and experiment with orders of small amounts. The fee schedule for orders is consistent with other assets and derivatives trading is currently available in Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Finland.

Unique Benefits: Trade Republic

Trade Republic adds yet another potential choice in your search for the investment platform that suits most what you’re looking for. In this section we’ll go into some of the unique benefits we found from Trade Republic in our review. These highlights are worth taking into consideration in your decision.

Choices of Investment Products

From our point of view, the most unique benefit of Trade Republic is the diverse investment products you can have in your portfolio through just one platform. Aside from a wide options of assets - having cryptocurrencies, and derivatives next to stocks and ETFs, Trade Republic’s offering is also extensive in each category, with stocks and ETFs beyond European and US markets, and derivatives in millions. If you’d like to avoid the hassle of having to have multiple platforms for different assets, this may seal the deal for Trade Republic.

Savings Plan

Trade Republic's Savings Plan feature is essentially recurring orders that you set up for any investment products you want to consistently invest in the long run. You simply need to set the frequency and amount for each share or crypto coin you want to order on a recurring basis. With Trending Topics, you can easily discover new stocks by themes such as Metaverse or Sustainability that you may want to invest with a Savings Plan. In the Order Manager tab you will have an overview of all your Savings Plans and time next until the next time they are executed. Good to keep in mind that your pending limit and stop orders are also listed in this section of the app.

Security Features

Security is undoubtedly the no.1 concern when taking risks with your hard-earned money. Trade Republic is regulated by the Federal Bank of Germany and BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), meaning your deposits with Trade Republic are protected under the Deposits Protection Scheme for up to €100,000 and your trades are safeguarded by regulators known to be strict with the highest standards. The platform also stores your crypto in a cold wallet offline, which is a more secure practice of crypto storage. This makes Trade Republic as reliable like big crypto exchanges with industry-leading security like Kraken or US-based exchange Gemini.

Pros & Cons of Trade Republic


  • Plus sign
    Investment product options: Trade Republic offers one of the most extensive range of investment products in terms of both width and depth, among the new investment apps started within the last five to ten years.
  • Plus sign
    Security: Trade republic ticks all the important boxes when it comes to security. Being a Germany-based investment platform that’s well regulated, customers can trust that the platform has solid security processes to safeguard their funds.
  • Plus sign
    Simple and transparent fees: This is worth highlighting even though many platforms are doing it quite well. With Trade Republic the baseline fee structure is exactly the same across all investment products, avoiding a lot of confusion and surprises for the customers.


  • Minus sign
    Some features are lacking: overall Trade Republic offers a great selection of investment products, however there are only a handful of markets where you can access all products. Make sure to double check what’s available in your country.
  • Minus sign
    Resources for beginners: not a ton of resources are available from Trade Republic to help beginners get up to speed and dip their toes in the investment world.
  • Minus sign
    €1 single order fee: the order fee is fairly reasonable and low. As the cost does not depend on the order value, it would feel significant in case you intend to only trade a small amount.
Trade Republic has no lack of stylish designs.

Trade Republic F.A.Q.

Are my assets secure with Trade Republic?

Yes. Trade Republic is regulated in Germany, meaning the organisation is required to follow secure procedures when handling your assets. In addition, your funds are under the Deposits Protection Scheme for up to €100,000.

Is Trade Republic safe? Is it legit and reliable?

Trade Republic is supervised by the Federal Bank of Germany as well as BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), it is a legal organisation that went through legitimate processes to be licensed to operate an investment platform.

Is Trade Republic beginner-friendly?

Trade Republic has a slick and simplistic mobile and web app experience. It is easy to navigate around and start experimenting with some low-amount orders. In our opinion, the platform can develop more investment-related content and knowledge base for its customers who are beginners in investing.

Trade Republic swiftly expanded all over Europe.

Trade Republic Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to Trade Republic? We hand-picked these three platforms based on preferences and feedback of thousands of users and opinions of our experts in financial services industry. Not satisfied with these? Feel free to choose an investment platform that suits your needs or explore our selection of ratings and reviews.


  • Desktop app
  • Auto-savings
  • Crypto card
  • Referral program
  • Crypto Indices

Trade stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and precious metals - all in one place, starting as low as €1. Use a Visa card to pay with crypto everywhere.

  • HQ: Vienna, Austria
  • Users: >3'000'000
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals: ✔️
  • Card available: ✔️


  • Available 24/7
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Quick verification
  • Low trading fees
  • Educational content

Founded in 2014 and publicly launched in 2019, BUX quickly got an impressive following by providing users a very convenient, jargon-free and transparent product. BUX is available in more than 10 countries in Europe and boasting very low (zero in some cases!) transaction fees.

  • HQ: Amsterdam, NL
  • Users: > 500'000
  • Founded in: 2014
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals:
  • Card available:


  • Demo account
  • Crypto staking
  • CopyTrader
  • PayPal support
  • Low fees

eToro is a world-famous award-winning broker that offers an impressive range of assets at very competitive rates. Stocks, ETFs, CFDs, Forex and a variety of crypto assets with a very fast onboarding process and a user-friendly interface.

  • HQ: Tel Aviv, IS
  • Users: 27'000'000
  • Founded in: 2007
  • Stocks & ETFs: ✔️
  • Cryptocurrencies: ✔️
  • Metals:
  • Card available:

Is Trade Republic a good choice for a retail investor?

Summarizing everything we went over in our in-depth review, Trade Republic is a great choice for retail investors who already have some knowledge of investment basics. The platform can be positioned at a convenient intersection where it has simple user interface that’s easy to get started with, while offering more advanced investment products like ETFs and derivatives. Therefore, we view Trade Republic as an investment app you can realistically stay with in the long run, considering both the investment product options and security aspects. While there are some gaps such as limited ways to structure your portfolios today, we do see great prospectives to the next developments of Trade Republic.

The investment platform application, scoring a great 4.2 stars on Trustpilot, is available on mobile (iOS and Android) as well as on desktop through web browser login. The applications have very minimum designs and you should quite quickly feel confident to navigate around. If you are keen to explore different types of investment products and are planning to develop a habit of investing long term, we certainly recommend to give Trade Republic a go. There’s no steep learning curve to the platform and no setup fees are required to get started either. At the time of review, Trade Republic awards new customers in Germany a free share when they sign up.

Trade Republic is a very straightforward platform

⚠️ Warning! Investment is never without risk. You may lose your investment due to market risks involved.  ⚠️

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