Qonto Basic vs Anytime Start

Comparison & reviews of business bank accounts of two French neobanks

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Published: 06.12.22  

Updated: 06.12.22

Published: 06.12.22

Updated: 06.12.22

Looking to compare Qonto Basic and Anytime Start? The comparison below contains the results of our experts' investigation into these two plans, their benefits and terms. Firstly, we will provide a quick summary and key information about the two banks, followed by a side-by-side comparison table of products available, benefits and fees of both accounts. A brief summary along with a list of pros and cons and our verdict can be found at the end of this page.

Qonto and Anytime are two of the most successful digital banks originating from France. Both banks face a challenge of "digitalizing" a very old-fashioned and outdated banking system in the country - hence the constant balance between going "full digital" while still providing the "face-to-face" aspect as well as supporting cheques. Both Start and Basic are entry-level plans of their banks, yet both still feature an impressive range of features and generally significantly outperform the "brick and mortar" banks most French and Belgian customers use.

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Qonto vs Anytime - Compare both at Fintech Compass.

Qonto Basic

  • Monthly costStarting from €9.00
  • CurrenciesEUR
  • Personal accounts
  • Sign-up bonus30 days free trial
  • Official Websiteqonto.com
Qonto Basic is aimed at self-employed workers and digital entrepreneurs. As Qonto's entry-level plan, Basic is a solid collection of essentials for managing your activity as a self-employed worker. With rich localization options and business-first focus of Qonto, Basic is a modern and secure way to solve your business banking needs at a very reasonable price point.

Anytime Start

  • Monthly costStarting from €9.00
  • CurrenciesEUR
  • Personal accounts
  • Sign-up bonus30 days free trial
  • Official Websiteqonto.com
Anytime Start is an entry-level proposition that combines business and personal bank accounts. With a solid array of convenient features you would not find at a traditional bank and an impressive package included in the subscription (for example, two physical bank cards and multiple accounts), Start is a very serious contender in its price range.

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Comparison table

It is important to keep your specific use cases in mind and identify the key characteristics you care about. In order to assist you in this assessment, we provide a side-by-side breakdown of features and fees between Qonto Basic and Anytime Start in a comparison table below.

Qonto logo
Anytime logo
Price, per month € 9.00 € 9.50
CommitmentCancel monthly6 months
Sign-up bonus 30 days free trial 30 days free trial
Official website qonto.com anyti.me
Sub-accounts included12
Shared accounts
Employee accounts ✔️
Mobile Payments
Apple Pay✔️
Google Pay✔️
Samsung Pay
Cards available Mastercard Mastercard
Cards included 1 2
Debit cards✔️✔️
Credit cards
Virtual cards✔️✔️
Extra card fee € 2.00 p/m € 1.00 p/m
Replacement fee € 10.00 € 14.90
Free replacements--
Metal card
Wooden cards
Payment Methods
Various Fees
SWIFT (receive) € 5.00 € 3.00
Foreign exchange fee 0.80% 1.80%
Currency fee-free limit - -
ATM Withdrawals
Daily limit € 1000 € 1000
Free withdrawals, per month - -
After that, per withdrawal € 1.00 € 1.50
Withdrawal fee abroad € 1.00 € 1.90 + 1.8%
Interest Rate
Current accounts
Savings accounts
Transaction & Deposit Limits
Deposit limit € 60,000-
Deposit Protection Up to €100'000 Up to €85'000
Monthly spend limit € 20,000 € 10,000
Other financial products
Investments in-app
Crypto trading
Cheques Up to €30,000 €2 per cheque
Lounge access
Transaction categorization ✔️ ✔️
Purchase protection €3'000 per year limit
Round-up savings
Budgeting features ✔️
Deals & Discounts ✔️
Other benefits Cash flow dashboard Legal hotline
Learn more qonto.com anyti.me

Anytime & Qonto: Pros & Cons

The detailed breakdown of dozens of terms and complex fee structures can get overwhelming - to avoid that, here are some of the key benefits and disadvantages of both Qonto and Anytime's propositions.

Qonto Basic

Anytime Start

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Our Verdict: Qonto Basic or Anytime Start?

After reviewing all the terms, rates and features of both products, our assessment is simple: Qonto Basic currently feels like a more solid proposition for most use cases. Anytime's Start is not only more expensive (including some surprising fees: €2 per rejected direct debit, €0.50 per refused transaction or a €50 "inactivity fee"!), but also feels overly complex and bureaucratized, unlike most other digital banks. It would not be fair to say that Start does not have advantages (for example, personal bank account included for free), and since both plans offer 30-day trial for free, it makes perfect sense to try both and make a call after getting "hands-on" with each product.

Choose Qonto Basic if...

Plus sign

You believe in digital-first approach to business banking

Plus sign

Your business is under 250 people in size

Pick Anytime Start if...

Plus sign

You are not yet comfortable banking at a digital bank

Plus sign

You like your banking old-school and really want to go to a branch

If you found any of these plans to be a good fit for your specific banking needs, you will find links to their official websites or apps below. By signing up via links on our website, you support us in our mission of making finance easy and accessible to everyone.

⚠️ Please note that the information on pricing, contract terms and availability of products in certain markets is subject to change and can differ from what is stated above. We aim to keep this comparison as accurate and up-to-date as possible, but we advise you to treat the information provided above as indicative and always check banks' official websites for actual terms before signing up. ⚠️

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