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May 27, 2022

Anytime is an up-and-coming neobank based in Belgium and France that offers personal banking services, as well as propositions for expats, companies, and associations. Their service is designed to replace your current bank account or be used alongside an existing one, with Anytime being an Orange Bank company and holding licenses with the ACPR (Bank of France) and the FCA (Bank of England). With the recent interest around this up-and-coming bank, we determine to investigate if Anytime's offering holds up in the highly competitive business banking space - read this review to find out how it compares to what is offered by the competitors.

Founded 2014
Headquarters Paris, FR
Users Undisclosed
Official website
Available in FR, BE
Sign-up bonus N/A
Free tier Not available
Currencies Euro
Anytime is the bank for face-to-face yet digital business

Business plans available

Anytime offers 4 business plans packed with different perks at significantly different price points. Below we'll provide you with an overview of options available, complete with pricing details and descriptions of various benefits available to users of each of the plans.

Important: pricing provided assumes an annual subscription option. Monthly billed option is, on average, approximately 30% more expensive - please refer to Anytime's wbesite for actual pricing details.

Anytime Solo

€9,50 per month

"Solo" subscription is Anytime's version of a freelancer/micropreneur-suited option. Despite the steep pricing, the benefits are also quite apparent: 2 Mastercard cards included in the monthly fee, 20 direct debits or outgoing transfers and 1 (one) cheque deposit a month. You get one business (or, as the French would call it, professional) account and one personal account included, as well as in-app support chat. Seems solid for FR/BE, however, obviously, other European counterparts like bunq or Revolut offer way better terms for these of us who do not require weird France-specific quirks like an ability to process cheques (is this 21st century or what?) or personal account managers.

Anytime Premium

€19,50 per month

Building on top of the "Solo" offering, "Premium" adds one more card included in the subscription, up to 200 (!) virtual business cards, 80 more outgoing transfers and/or direct debits for free and up to 4 cheque deposits a month. Next to that, you gain access to a dedicated phone support line, so if that's what you're after, Anytime Premium might be the thing for you.

Anytime Professional

€99,- per month

At a price point of €129,- a month (if billed monthly instead of once per year), Anytime Professional goes all-in: up to 10 physical cards, 500 virtual ones, 500 DDs and/or outgoing transfers without a fee and a groundbreaking 8 cheque deposits a month, this plan should cover all of your needs. Besides, additional benefits include an access to accounting software able to generate invoices and quotes, as well as a management table with all of your accounts' balances.

Anytime Enterprise

€249,- per month

Any amount of direct debits and outgoing payments for free, 20 cards included and a very nice option of having custom-made Mastercard cards with your company's logo. Great choice for someone who just wants VIP service (with a personal account manager, of course) and doesn't mind additional expenses required to get it.

You can find the ccount comparison table just below. Interested? Visit Anytime's website and sign up in mere minutes!

Plan Solo Premium Professional Enterprise
Price, p/m €9,50 €19,50 €99,- €249,-
Accounts 1 Personal, 1 Business
Included 2 3 10 20
Maestro yes
Debit yes
Credit no
Virtual yes
Various Fees
Lost card €10 Shipping
ATMs €1,50
Refused DD €0,50
SEPA 20 100 500 Unlimited
International transfer 1,80%
Interest rate on accounts
Current no
Savings no
Cashback no
Exchange rate 0.70% + €2.50
Anytime features a sleek mobile app

Pros and Cons


  • Solid appearance - a choice between a BE or FR IBAN, an option to assist in FR company creation process and cheque/cash management options, Anytime is pretty loaded in "traditional" banking features!
  • Great UX - a very thought-through and powerful mobile app compliments the desktop experience quite well.
  • Not a typical "digital only" bank - just like with Qonto, you're not left with a digital screen only, there's always an option to talk to an actual human being on the phone (not that it's any useful!).
  • Secure - At Anytime, funds are protected by an account arrangement with Crédit Mutuel Arkea in France and Barclays in England.


  • Quite expensive: yes, Anytime might appear cheap to you compared to other French and Belgian traditional banks, but it's still quite a lot more expensive than other EU neobank likebunq or Revolut.
  • Just 2 IBANs: it's often you'd want to separate your transaction based on cost centers for accounting purposes and out of sheer convenience.
Anytime is built for digital, yet face-to-face business

The Verdict

For a French business account, Anytime's onboarding process looks mind-blowingly easy. As they put it, "At Anytime, we have re-designed the process so it only takes you a few minutes. We will ask you for valid photo identification, you pay the management fee with your debit card or bank transfer, we will immediately give you your IBAN/bank details and your card is sent out. Then we will ask for proof of address and a second piece of ID if you have not made a transfer from an account already open in your name." So the way to get there is pretty easy.

In the end, Anytime's offering, just like Qonto's, is best suited for people who are 90% digital. That means these who'd prefer to never deal with people on day-to-day operational stuff like banking, yet would still have an option to do so once things get complicated.

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