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September 27, 2022

Curve is a London-bred Fintech brand and offers a payment card that conveniently aggregates all your bank cards in one and gives you smart ways to manage your spending, powered by it's modern mobile app. The Fintech company was founded by Shachar Bialick back in 2015. It is striving to become the "Amazon of banking" by removing the need to dig through your wallet for the right card to use. Curve also provide customers a wealth of other benefits on top of its core card aggregation feature, such as budgeting insights and cashback, aiming to become the one-stop-shop to manage your money and wallet in a simpler way.

Founded 2015
Headquarters London, UK
Users > 2'000'000
Official website
Available in 31 countries
Sign-up bonus N/A
Free tier Available
Currencies >20
Curve cards are sure to grab bystanders' attention!

Plans available for individuals

Below you will find a brief overview of all the subscriptions available for Curve app users.

Curve Blue

No monthly fee

The basic subscription Curve is completely free, and it is probably enough if you're only interested in its card aggregation feature. You can add all your bank cards to your Curve account and all you'll ever need is your Curve debit card in your wallet, or no cards at all as Curve debit card also supports popular mobile pay options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. You can also take advantage of its Go Back in Time feature, which allows you to change which card to pay from for a complete payment within the last 90 days. Another useful feature available across all of Curve's subscriptions is the anti-embarrassment mode, basically you can add a couple of backup cards for when a payment at cashier failed your main or chose card for whatever reason.

Curve Black

€9.99 per month

Aside from everything in Curve Blue, you'll get unlimited 1% cashback from 3 of your selected retailers, which is a pretty sweet deal if there are merchants that you shop with considerably often at and they are available under Curve's Cashback scheme. In addition, you get a Worldwide Travel Insurance with this subscription and unlimited fair FX rate when you spend in foreign currency with your Curve card.

Curve Metal

€14.99 per month

First and foremost, you get a Premium metal card if you do choose to go with Curve Metal, and you can select up to 5 retailers for the 1% cashback available. Additionally, a few upgrades that are especially handy in case you are a frequent traveller: not only will you always have exclusive access LoungeKey to ensure your easy access to the airport lounges worldwide, but you will also enjoy having additional insurance, including cell phone theft and loss, travel insurance and even extended coverage when renting a car abroad. A nice "cherry on top" is the Metal card featuring 18g of brushed metal - after extensive hands-on assessment at the office, we determined that not only does the card indeed look spectacular, but it also feels "the right amount of heavy". After all, the only card you'd expect from a premium-tier subscription is a perfect one, right?

Comparison of various terms can be found in a table below. Interested? Visit Curve's website and download the app!

Plan Blue Black Metal
Price - €9,99 p/m €14,99 p/m
Current Account N/A
Deposit Protection Up to €100'000
Included 1 Debit card
Various Fees
Lost card Free (delivery fee applies)
Free withdrawals €200 €400 €600
Refused DD €0,00
Fee-free FX Up to €500 Unlimited
Interest rate on accounts
Current 0,0%
Savings 0,0%
Curve also has an app with great and intuitive UI

Pros and Cons


  • Curve-only benefits: what Curve offers is pretty unique, if you are someone with a ton of bank cards that you can't get rid of. Curve might just make your life so much easier with its "All Cards In One" feature.
  • Generous cashback: unlimited 1% Cashback is actually quite amazing, of course that's only if where you mostly shop at is available as a Cashback Retailer.
  • Manage your loyalty cards: the possibility to add your Loyalty Card to Curve really delivers on its promise to lighten your wallet. This is quite a convenient feature that surprisingly very few FinTech brands offer. Only bunq from The Netherlands have a similar feature.


  • Almost like using a wallet: It is quite a cool experience using Curve to pay from different cards with just the Curve card. However, there is still always a need to kind of plan ahead. It would be a even better experience if dynamic automatic card switching would be possible, probably based on location or even just merchants, that would really remove the hassle once and for all.
  • All the cards! Except AmEx... There has been ongoing disagreements between Curve and Amex and the availability to add AmEx card is on and (mostly) off. So its All your cards in Two, if you happen to have AmEx.
  • But the banking apps? Curve solves the wallet-too-thick problem pretty well, though we can't help but asking for more: could we soon only need just one banking app for all our financial needs from different providers?
Curve features Apple, Google and Samsung Pay features.

The Verdict

After experiencing how Curve works, we thought Curve solves the problem of having too many bank cards pretty well. If this is something you struggle with, we highly recommend you to check it out. The basic subscription is also completely free and comes with all the highlights of what Curve offers.

In our opinion, the Black and Metal subscriptions are slightly overpriced, or perhaps could offer a bit more since Curve is after all a nice-to-have on top of your main banking providers. Unless you're in it for the Cashback rewards or are not able to easily get travel insurance covers elsewhere, Curve Blue should be sufficiently and gives you everything that makes Curve standout from other Fintech brands.

Curve is really straightfoward and transparent about who they are.

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