Revolut Grow vs bunq Easy Money Business

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Published: 06.12.22  

Updated: 06.12.22

Published: 06.12.22

Updated: 06.12.22

Deciding between Revolut Grow and bunq Easy Money Business? The comparison below contains the results of our experts' investigation into these two plans, their benefits and terms. Firstly, we will provide a quick summary and key information about the two banks, after which you can explore our comparison table listing all the key information on fees and products available for both of the options. A brief summary along with a list of pros and cons and our verdict can be found at the end of this page.

Today, we will be comparing two mid-tier business bank accounts from leading European digital banks, Revolut and bunq. Occupying an SME niche with these plans, both of the banks provide an impressive range of features and banking products that are bound to satisfy all of the banking needs a small-scale company would have. With Revolut being a more "traditional" choice while bunq is an up-and-coming challenger, both provide great value and a huge array of time-saving options that are sure to make banking for your company easier.

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Revolut vs bunq for business banking - our comparison.

Revolut Grow

  • Free plan available✔️
  • Currencies30+ currencies
  • Personal accounts✔️
  • Sign-up bonus-20% paying annually
  • Official
Grow is the entry-tier Business plan from Revolut. Notable upgrades to your experience are free metal card, allowances for (international) payments, FX exchange as well as more advanced features such as bulk payments and business API. Another addition that could come in handy is the priority 24/7 support. This plan suits growing business that start to have somewhat more sophisticated business banking needs.

bunq Easy Money Business

  • Free plan available✔️
  • Currencies30+ currencies
  • Personal accounts✔️
  • Sign-up bonus-20% paying annually
  • Official
Easy Money is a plan that helps you do business easily anywhere in Europe. With bookkeeping software integration, sorting your VAT automatically and an array of various cards with global acceptance included in subscription, bunq's Premium-tier plan is a great choice for hassle-free business banking.

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Comparison table

There are quite a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing, so make sure to identify what deal-breakers there are for you personally. In order to assist you in this assessment, we provide a side-by-side breakdown of features and fees between Revolut Grow and bunq Easy Money Business in a comparison table below.

Revolut logo
bunq logo
Easy Money Business
Price, per month € 25.00 € 12.99
CommitmentCancel monthlyCancel monthly
Sign-up bonus -20% paying annually 30 days free
Official website
Sub-accounts included125
Shared accounts Up to 10 people
Employee accounts ✔️✔️
Mobile Payments
Apple Pay✔️✔️
Google Pay✔️✔️
Samsung Pay
Others Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay-
Cards available Mastercard Mastercard
Cards included 3 3
Debit cards✔️✔️
Credit cards✔️
Virtual cards✔️✔️
Extra card fee - € 3.49 p/m
Replacement fee- € 9.99
Free replacements- 1 per year
Metal card✔️✔️
Wooden cards
Payment Methods
Various Fees
SWIFT (receive) € 3.00 € 5.00
Foreign exchange fee 0.40% 0.50%
Currency fee-free limit up to € 10000 per month -
ATM Withdrawals
Daily limit € 3000 € 1000
Free withdrawals, per month - 6 times
After that, per withdrawal € 2.99
Withdrawal fee abroad € 2.99
Interest Rate
Current accounts 0.0%
Savings accounts 0.0% None%
Transaction & Deposit Limits
Deposit limit--
Deposit Protection Up to £85'000 Up to €100'000
Monthly spend limit--
Other financial products
Investments in-app ✔️
Crypto trading
Lounge access
Transaction categorization ✔️ ✔️
Purchase protection
Round-up savings ✔️ ✔️
Budgeting features ✔️ ✔️
Deals & Discounts ✔️ ✔️
Other benefits Business API Add-ons, Auto-VAT
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bunq & Revolut: Pros & Cons

The detailed breakdown of dozens of terms and complex fee structures can get overwhelming - to avoid that, here are some of the key benefits and disadvantages of both Revolut and bunq's propositions.

Revolut Grow

bunq Easy Money Business

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Our Verdict: Revolut Grow or bunq Easy Money Business?

In conclusion, the choice is not as straightforward. While bunq offers a cheaper overall package and can be treated as a "top-of-the-line" freelancer banking solution, Revolut aims to deliver superior value to a business that employs 10+ people and has a dedicated accountant and can fully utilize the payroll features and expense management solutions provided. Overall, we can safely say that the choice comes down to business owner's personal preference and none of the two options would leave you dissatisfied.

Since bunq provides a free 30-day "no strings attached" trial for every business subscription offered, we advise you to first try it to see if it is a fit for your needs before deciding between the two accounts. After all, nobody knows the needs of your business better than you do. Oh yes, and a final side note: both of these banks provide amazing metal cards that will make some heads turn.

Choose Revolut Grow if...

Plus sign

You expect your business to scale to over 100 employees in the next year

Plus sign

Your business entity is registered in the UK

Pick bunq Easy Money Business if...

Plus sign

You do not want your business to have excessive expenses on banking

Plus sign

Your business has a legal entity in either NL, BE or FR

If you found any of these plans to be a good fit for your specific banking needs, you will find links to their official websites or apps below. By signing up via links on our website, you support us in our mission of making finance easy and accessible to everyone.

⚠️ We advise you to keep in mind that the information on pricing, specific billing details, contract terms and availability of products in various markets is subject to change and can appear different from the one provided in this article. Our goal is to keep the information in this comparison as fresh and factually correct as possible, but we do not claim that it is 100% accurate at all times. As such, we advise you to treat the information provided on this website as indicative and urge you to always check the banks' official websites for actual conditions prior to signing up. ⚠️

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